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What We Offer

Reliance offers the advantage of specialisation in the industrial employment sector, which provides benefits to both employers and job seekers. Instead of spreading our resources too thinly in an attempt to cover the entire employment market, we concentrate on our core area of expertise, and have consequently become industrial sector experts. Our experience and expertise mean that our clients receive a service that is thoroughly in touch with the nature and requirements of the industrial employment markets of both Christchurch and Auckland.

Reliance treats our candidates as individuals. We conduct our interviews in a relaxed manner that is designed to get the very best out of applicants, and ensures that we know them well enough to put them in jobs that will be great for them. To learn about what we offer job seekers in greater detail, click here.

For employers, we track down the most reliable and high-quality candidates for your permanent, contract, or temporary roles. Our processes thoroughly evaluate skills, work history, and capabilities to ensure that you see only the very best people. To discover more about what we offer employers, click here.

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