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Jobs in Christchurch, Manukau and across Auckland

Looking for a job can often be stressful. You want a job that pays you the right about of money, one that suits your needs, whether that’s part time or full time, temporary or permanent, day work, night work, or evening work, and a job that is satisfying.

At Reliance Recruitment we can help you with your job search. We aim to reduce the stress for people looking for work and to match the right application with the right job vacancy.

We have a wide range of employment opportunities to suit a diverse range of job seekers. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent work we have jobs to suit. If you want day, evening or night work, we have jobs for day and shift workers.

Our areas of speciality include factory work, warehouse jobs, work in assembly, logistics, building, stores, industrial, manufacturing, construction, labouring, pick and pack work, forklift drivers, electronics, trade work, and a range of other work.

Obviously we help New Zealand citizens and residents but we can also help you if you are a traveller as long as you have a work visa.

We find work for people throughout New Zealand. We have two offices in Auckland (Manukau and Henderson) and our Christchurch office serves the South Island.

So talk to the team at Reliance Recruitment about finding work in your area.