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Employer FAQ

We understand there is often an urgent need for personnel and can usually source staff to meet your requirements swiftly. That said, each situation is unique and the turnaround time depends upon the skill set that you need.
The minimum temporary assignment duration is four hours. There is no maximum. Some clients maintain a group of long term temporary workers in order to provide a buffer for permanent staff job security – such staff have worked for 5 years plus in some cases!.
Just make one call to us, and we will discuss this with the temporary worker.
You will receive one invoice per week that covers all costs – no hidden fees, it’s that simple. We cover the costs of statutory holidays, ACC levies, sick pay, bereavement leave, kiwisaver and holiday pay/annual leave.
In the case of permanent recruitment, we provide a three-month guarantee and post-placement support for both our client and the candidate. Give us a call so we can explain how the guarantee works because there are a couple of conditions that apply.
Our temporary staff will typically work the same hours that your staff work. You won’t have to pay for statutory holiday costs (we cover these costs) although if you require the temporary worker to work on the actual statutory holiday, they are entitled to be paid T1.5, and we will discuss how this impacts on your costs.
Permanent placements come with a three-month guarantee, while temporary staff are 100% guaranteed. These guarantees do require clarification, so please discuss them with us.
That’s great news! The process is really easy – just give us a call. We will tidy up the final wages for the individual and discuss their transition from employment with Reliance to employment with your company.

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